Beadniks Virginia Beach

Beadniks® opens at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront The vision of a new Beadniks® store has been percolating in the mind of Salai Lama for the last several years. Many discussions have taken place during long road trips to bead shows and over glasses of wine. With a stroke of lu.... Read more

Prayer Beads

  I love prayer beads. There, I’ve said it. My first love affair with beads wasn’t with the big plastic pony beads that children play with, nor the glass seed beads used in friendship bracelets. And, no, it was not with African Trade Beads (but they run a close second)..... Read more

Bead & Button, here we come

We’re on our way to Bead & Button. This is the largest consumer bead show in the world! It’s a 13-day “bead-for-all” with over 700 bead & jewelry workshops, juried exhibits of bead art, demonstrations, and the reason we’re here…The Artisan Jewelry Marketplace..... Read more

Our Nepalese Friends – Om Mani Padme Hum

I imagine it would virtually impossible for anyone living in this age of technology and “instant news” to not have heard of the devastation that has occurred in the humble country known as Nepal. We’ve been bombarded by the images, the stories & the statistics. It’s .... Read more

Spring Cleaning Sale

The word, “Sale” evokes strong emotions in most people who love a bargain. Some people will buy items just because they’re on sale, and not because they really need them. Put the word “bead” along with the word “sale,” chaos and mayhem have been known to occur. Ment.... Read more